When it comes to building a new home, one of the first tasks set is to find a contractor who can give you the dream home you’ve always wanted, for a price your willing to pay. Today, our society is becoming ever more aware of the impact we make on the environment and how we can take preventative measures to reduce our own carbon footprint. As with any other day-to-day tasks that help to reduce waste, you can also make the choice of using environmentally-friendly sources within the construct of your home. Solsource Greenbuild is the leading residential contractor in Joplin, Missouri, specializing in environmentally safe methods of construction. With the wide range of options you have when choosing a contractor, here’s why Solsource makes your decision easy.

Insulated Concrete Forms

Unlike normal residential construction companies, Solsource Greenbuild uses building materials that are not only environmentally safe, but that also provide you with an energy efficient home. Solsource uses Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Form Wall Systems, which are forms that provide a solid, well insulated, and energy efficient structural component to any building. These insulated concrete forms resist air and moisture, which in turn eliminates the ability for allergens and mold to enter the building. This creates a safer living environment for you and your family. Their ability to withstand wind of up to 200 mph and four hours of flames, making them nearly indestructible. Most importantly, these insulated concrete forms provide you and your family the ability to relax, knowing that you are living within a structurally sound and energy-efficient home that you love.

Passive Solar Design

Another way Solsource provides energy-efficient homes is through passive solar designing. By utilizing the energy given off by the sun, Solsource is able to catch that energy to be used in your own home. Although installing this passive solar design is no easy task, the experts at Solsource Greenbuild in Joplin, MO have mastered this skill to ensure you are receiving the greatest benefit possible from natural resources that we are already provided with, saving you money in the end.

Your Home 

Solsource Greenbuild is not only equipped to build your house with the highest quality of energy efficient practices, but they are also absolutely amazing at residential design. Building you a home that you are comfortable in and that your family will adore is Solsource’s priority and they stop at nothing less than perfection to ensure your satisfaction.

Are you ready to begin making the dreams of one day building your own energy efficient home a reality? Solsource Greenbuild has been serving the greater area of Joplin, MO for years, proving that a home can be both beautiful while also reducing the carbon footprint being left behind. When you’re ready for a consultation, give us a call at (417) 597-4829 or visit our website at www.solsourcegreenbuild.com.